10 Ways to Stay Inspired During the Cold, Dark Days!

Photo by Arno Smit

Photo by Arno Smit

Since my mom died in October, I've been in the midst of some major healing, inner cleansing and releasing. Hoping I can find the words to share what's been unfolding. In the meantime, I truly hope you find some sparks of light in the post to light your inner creative fires this chilly season. xoxo

  1. See the beauty all around you. The late fall/winter is extremely photogenic in ways completely different from the other seasons of the year. There are intriguing things to photograph, draw or write poetry about. You simply need to slow down long enough to notice them. I've had many joyful moments on long walks, capturing interesting images. I love watching the birds puff up their feathers to keep warm. They look so round and fat.

  2. Read, read and read some more. I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited and discovered books that I might never have encountered. I thoroughly enjoyed reading just before falling asleep. It helps me wind down from long hours on the computer and gifts me with new perspectives and getting lost in someone else's world.

  3. Exercise. Walk. Do yoga. Work out at a gym. Dance. By all means, keep your body moving. I don't know about you, but I start feeling toxic and cranky if I go too long without moving and without big gulps of fresh air. A brisk walk outside even in the most frigid weather changes my mood instantly. It never fails to invigorate me. Yoga, too, is a great mood changer and it makes the world feel right again.

  4. Get creative. Express yourself. Start a new creative project. Collaborate. Get out of your comfort zone and try a new medium of expression. Submit your work. Enter a contest. Apply for a residency or book a creative retreat. In others words, jazz up your life and bring back the magic by making it fun and child-like again.

  5. Take a class or an e-course. It gives you something to look forward to and if it's a good one, it will inspire you and bring you joy.

  6. Write hand written letters to family and friends. Sending and receiving mail is SO rare these days. People LOVE checking their mail and finding a handwritten note or card in there. It will brighten your day and someone else's as well.

  7. Plan a garden. There are so many cool things you can do during the winter months to prepare for the growing season. Buy seeds. Start some indoor plants. Draw out some garden designs. Get creative with ways you want to organize your garden. Learn about permaculture. Design a greenhouse.

  8. Service. Find fun ways to do random acts of kindness or pay it forward. Or volunteer a few hours a month. Putting the focus on someone else can be a great way to life your spirits and make life feel more meaningful.

  9. Fresh juice and smoothies. Making daily fresh juice or smoothies every day elevates your energy and gifts you with great health benefits. Many of us tend to eat heavier foods during the winter months and adding daily juice or smoothie gives your body big doses of fruits and veggies and helps reduce the number of carbs we normally crave during cold weather.

  10. Silence. Spend quiet time away from all media and electronics. Allow for periods of silence. No talking...just being, listening and tuning into the moment. Give yourself some downtime to rest, reflect and restore yourself. Breathe. Meditate. Be.

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