Need an experienced facilitator or help with a retreat? 

Here are some sample topics:

  1. How to Accomplish Almost Anything
  2. How to Write a Relationship Manifesto
  3. Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Spirit
  4. The Alchemy of Groups
  5. How to Write a Personal Manifesto
  6. The Seven Sacred Medicines
  7. Finding the Sacred in the Everyday
  8. Workshopping Relationships; From Catalytic to Cosmic
  9. Writing to Awaken the Spirit
  10. Getting Off the Merry-Go-Round
  11. Inside the Life of a Digital Nomad
  12. The Joys and Challenges of House Sitting
  13. The Accidental Entrepreneur
  14. Into the Fire: How to Take Life's Challenges and Turn Them into a Personal Revolution
  15. Writing to Save Your Soul
  16. Transform Your Life With Creativity
  17. Harnessing the Power of the Muse
  18. Using Creative Dates to Accelerate Your Creative Process
  19. Overcoming Creative Blocks
  20. Visioning Your Life Purpose
  21. Creativity
  22. Conscious Business
  23. Inner Alchemy
  24. Street Mysticism
  25. Life Transitions
  26. Soul Whispers
  27. Intuition
  28. Conscious Relationships
  29. Writing with Intention
  30. Containers of Time

Or I can customize one to suit your needs.

Motivate and Inspire

I can create an experience for your group/organization that will motivate and inspire them as well as open up connections. Many things will arise from the experience including wisdom and knowledge, the ability to vision something, handle a situation better, get out of the intellect and into their hearts and intuition, open them up, shake them up, etc. Or use the experience to jump start a project.

Focus on Communication

The group facilitation I do focuses on communication skills, including listening, witnessing, insight and wisdom sharing, vulnerability and trust, appreciation, deep inquiry, hands-on tools and strategies, reflection, meaningful play and exercises, catalyzing and space holding, wall breaking and flame lighting, accountability, honesty, connection, community-building, etc.

6 Degrees of Networking

Witness the magic of networking at its best. This event takes the six degrees of separation principle a step further and puts it to work. The premise is simple: tap into the ideas and resources of a room full of people and all kinds of impossible things suddenly become possible. All you need to do is to bring one goal you'd like to achieve and the obstacle that's in the way of achieving it, and we'll do the rest.