I've created these soul-nourishing, life-affirming sessions just for you! They are coaching "bursts" that flow nicely into life--not too much and not too little, but just the right amount of time to create a shift in your experience.  It’s a great way to get acquainted with my coaching style. There are six different themes to choose from. Enjoy!

Holiday Special! BOGO (Buy One, Gift One). It's a great way to wind out the year, vision the new year and gain some much needed clarity in your life. How cool is that? Plus, this makes a very special gift for a loved one. Must be purchased by 12/15/18. If interested, fill out the contact form here.

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Ignite Your Life


Would you like to discover new inspiration for life? Get back in touch with that which makes you feel alive? In this session, using in-depth questions and intuitive reflecting techniques you will discover and explore what matters most to you right now. By reconnecting with your most deeply held values and passions, you can then begin to revision your life with clarity, confidence and tangible steps to live your highest joy. Enhance your life with an Ignite Coaching session!


Refresh & Reflect


Are you ready to take a little mini-retreat away from the activities of the day? Would you enjoy some time to reconnect with yourself? In this session, you'll have an opportunity to put some deep attention on an issue which would benefit from some insight and guidance. Being truly listened can be so transformative, and it usually offers up many gifts, including a fresh perspective. The result is often a renewed sense of calm and inner peace. Deepen your experience with a Reflect & Refresh coaching session!


Creative Boost


Are you longing to stir up your creative juices again? Ready to reconnect with your Muse? In this session, we will dive right into the creative flow with some deep inquiry. Depending on what is needed, we will explore what strategies might work best to jump start the creative process, including lighting the fire of imagination, utilizing intuition, working with containers of time, finding your creative tribe, etc.  Add magic and joy to your life with a Creative Boost coaching session! 


Get It Done


This is a hands-on session in which you need help with the actual work needed to follow through with a big decision, work on a business or creative project, role-play for an important interview, meeting or pitch, organize a space, set up containers of time, plan a trip, etc. It is practical, on-the-ground work and you'd prefer not to tackle it alone. Working together we can move through resistance and obstacles and step into the flow of grace and ease, so that what was once daunting becomes doable.  An added bonus: there are lots of tidbits of insight, tools, strategies and resources that can be gathered along the way. There's a touch of inspiration infused in every session!


Sort It Out


What if you could untangle a mess, sort through a problem and create a strategy in only one session? Now you can! Using a unique blend of Socratic questioning (in which each question arises from the previous answer), life coaching and traditional brainstorming techniques I can help you solve a problem, make a decision, take action on an idea, etc., in an hour and a half. Not only do I promise you will see your situation from a completely new perspective, but you will also have a strategy in hand and the tools to move forward with confidence. Life appears simple again!


Pressure Relief


Sometime life can be a pressure cooker, leaving you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, confused and full of doubt. In this "fight or flight" place, when there is chaos or an overly charged emotional state, it is difficult to make any decisions. Being listened to, having your ideas heard and reflected back can help you turn down the volume. From this calm space, you can then gain insight and re-approach your life with new eyes and a renewed feeling of optimism.  From there, you will be able to access the strength and capacity needed to move forward.