If You Really Loved Yourself....

Photo by Tim Mossholder

Photo by Tim Mossholder

Several years ago, after reading the book, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depended On It, by Kamal Ravikant, I began recommending it to most of my clients. That book, along with his other book, Live Your Truth inspired me to write a post posing questions about loving yourself.

I'm a bit obsessed with questions...it's' one of the tools of my trade as a coach and consultant.

I found these questions extremely useful in that they help you laser in on which aspects of your life are serving your Highest Joy and which are not. This also makes them great questions to ask before making a major decision. 

Okay, here goes...(these questions and this exercise are not taken from the book, but rather loosely inspired by it).

If you really loved yourself, would you be living life the way you're currently living it?

You can apply any situation, relationship or circumstance in the blanks. For example, "If I really loved myself would I still __________________? If I really loved myself, wouldn't I ___________________ instead?

Here are some more questions to consider along that line.

If you really loved yourself...

  1. Would you be working at your current job? Or running your current business? Or doing what it whatever you're currently doing to bring in money?

  2. Would you be in your current relationship? Or for those that are single, alone?

  3. Would you be living in your current dwelling? City? State? With the people you live with?

  4. Would you be eating the food you eat?

  5. Would you be spending your time the way you do?

  6. Would you be spending your money the way you do?

  7. Would you be expressing yourself creatively the way you do?

  8. Would you be honoring the sacred in your life the way you do?

  9. Would you be putting up with the things you do?

  10. Would you be making decisions the way your do?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, that means you're truly loving yourself.

If you answered "no", it's time for a change so that your choices and your life align with your soul's needs and with your core inner values.

It’s powerful medicine to frame your life and your decisions around what is the most loving thing to do.

A shortcut in the moment is to ask, “What would love do?”

Because ultimately, love always knows whats best.