About Coaching

Coaching is a sacred journey that gives you permission to turn within and ask big questions. Our work together is not merely about relieving pain and feeling good, but about helping you return to your truth and supporting you to embody it and express it fully with confidence. Our work together is customized to fit your personality, circumstances, needs, level of commitment and so forth.  The end game here is about you being youyou doing who you are and you expressing yourself exactly as you are—nothing more, nothing less

Seven Reasons Coaching Might Be for You

  1. You don't feel seen, heard or appreciated in your life and you REALLY need someone who believes in you 100% and is willing to hold the space for you no matter what and support you to live your highest joy.
  2. You feel lost or confused or simply burned out. You feel as though your life is in a rut and you don't have the energy to dig it out.
  3. You have big dreams and even some ideas about how to get there, but you're not making the progress you'd like and you would LOVE some help.
  4. You've recently been through a MAJOR change and you cannot seem to find your rhythm or get your life back on track. You'd SO appreciate a partner to help you build a bridge from your old life to the new one.
  5. You're ready to take a leap from full-time employment to business ownership and yet you keep hesitating and hanging back. Each day that passes, you feel guilty that you're not following through. What you need is an accountability buddy!
  6. You're working on a BIG breakthrough creative project and would HUGELY benefit from having a guide navigate through some of the territory with you.
  7. You really need clarity about some critical decisions in your life and you feel too close to them to see the best choices. Talking it over with friends and family is not an option, but it would be super helpful to get some feedback and suggestions.

Do any of those scenarios sound familiar? If so, let's get started! Below are several different coaching options with a wide range to choose from.


Coaching Packages

an intensive approach

My coaching packages offer an in-depth approach with multiple sessions tied together with a particular theme or focus. Two different packages can be combined for a more customized experience.

Concierge Coaching

soup to nuts

If you need more than simple ala carte coaching or a package and would benefit from coaching without a set schedule concierge coaching is for you. We work together to customize access points and services to fit your needs.

Weekend Immersion

Life Accelerator

To make a quantum leap in one area of your life, I recommend my weekend immersion program. It can help you get right to the core of the issues that are stopping you from moving forward and support you to do what it takes to change the game entirely.

Mini Coaching Sessions

a quick fix

My mini sessions are perfect if you are seeking a simple solution to a problem, some feedback, a sounding board, etc. A mini session runs 90 minutes and there is currently a choice of three different themes.

Visitor Coaching

short stay in asheville

My visitor coaching sessions are designed specifically with the visitor in mind. Each soul nourishing session runs 90 minutes and caters to the needs of the moment from finding inspiration to taking a break to reflect to getting in touch with your creative mojo.

Ala Carte Coaching

Coaching Your Way

Coaching sessions can be done without a specific package or theme. Depending upon how quickly you want to move forward, sessions may be booked once or twice per week or every other week (with an email check-in between sessions).


Am I the right coach for you?

The deep dive we do is possible because you have a partner who is an expert at navigating the unknown. Timing and pacing are important. Not working in extremes is also important. I make sure that we explore and consider a whole range of possibilities before moving forward. Your tolerance for risk and discomfort are also factored in so that we can determine how far you want to stretch. We also tune into what comes up in your external world and adjust our progress accordingly. Working with me with, you can take your power back and finally live your life from an authentic place. 




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